Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Learning: how to learn in a better way

Learning is a lifelong process, not only focused on study but every aspect of life. We start learning from beginning of our life and it continues throughout our life. It is a natural process, then why some people learn fast and some people slow. Is it due to some people naturally gifted like Einstein or Stephan Hawkins, yes it is the reason, but ordinary people like I and You can learn faster, if we can overcome some common problem of day to day learning.  Some of very common problem is procrastination, Mindset, Improper sleeping pattern, illusion of learning. Some of the way through which we can improve our learning are focused & diffused mode of thinking, deliberate practice of material, interleaving of our studies, chunking of ideas, with the help of metaphor, analogy, storytelling, visualization in study, transfer of ideas from one domain to the other domain and may more to say.
Every people are unique, everyone has its own strength & weakness, and it also applies to learning pattern of every individual. We will be discussing some common problems faced by most of the people in leaning in following discussion.
Happy learning………:)