Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Metaphor, Analogy, Storytelling, Visualization

Metaphor, Analogy, Storytelling, Visualization: 

How to learn smartly?
How to learn complex thing easily?
How to remember so many things in a small brain (Not so small)?
So many ‘How’, what’s the answer ???
Let’s look some of thing which will help us to find the solutions.
1.Metaphor: Describing a whole theory by a small word, so you can easily relate a complex idea to a word only. 
    2.Analogy: Relating one area of study to your favorite area, so you can remember complex theories.

    3.Storytelling/Visualization: Associating study with your favorite cartoon characters, movies, songs, places. Making story and associating with study material.
For e.g.  You can relate famous flight of Wright brothers with your 1st bike journey.
There can be scope of lot of creativity to making association.
Keep Learning, Happy Learning…..:)

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