Wednesday, 27 August 2014


This is the most common problem faced by most of the people in their life….Procrastination. Let’s make it simple.
What is procrastination?
·         Literally a state of mind where when we are uncomfortable with something, our mind turns away the attention to something, which is more comfortable for us. For e.g. we have to learn new languages in our school or colleges, but many of us find it boring and get unpleasant feeling and start doing other things, which we feel comfortable.
·         An unhappy feeling, anxiety due to unpleasant work forces our minds attention to a pleasant or less fruitful work to make us feel happy temporarily.
 How to avoid Procrastination?
·         Used focused mode of learning of short period to overcome procrastination.
·         A technique called Pomodoro is used.

Photo Credit: Pomodoro timer, Autore: Francesco Cirillo rilasciata a Erato nelle sottostanti licenze

·         We can set a reward for ourselves after completing 25 min focus approach. That reward will act as a motivator to overcome our procrastination.
·         We should avoid all distraction during this focused mode of study, especially the digital distraction, mostly now a day’s caused by our beloved SMART phone.
·         The idea is “De-Connected” from our digital network; put it in offline mode for that period of time.

You can discover some innovative ideas, which will be best suitable to you. Keep learning, Happy Learning…J

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